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Why Is My Butt Getting Smaller?


Are you going hard in the gym and noticing that you’re losing weight in all the wrong places? Or perhaps, you’re gaining in all the right areas, except for one area; the booty. I’m asked time and time again, “why is my butt getting smaller?” I know it’s frustrating and stressful to bust your behind in the gym only to see minimal results. If that is the case for you, there are a few explanations which will provide clarity and get you back on the right track. And no, Rick Moranis didn’t zap your booty with his, “Honey I Shrunk The Kids” ray gun.

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Why Is My Butt Getting Smaller: Top 8 Reasons

Not Activating Your Glutes Before Exercising Your Lower Body

Glute activation exercises are pretty much specific & targeted glute pre-workout warm-ups that focus on igniting and loosening your 3 gluteal muscles (gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus).

Stop Trying To Keep Up With The Joneses or the Kardashians

At times we like to set goals for ourselves by trying to look like a particular person or attain their prized assets. Genetics plays a huge role in how our overall physique will form and look. We can't look at someone else and say, "Why am I not achieving a butt like hers." Your only goal should be to become the best you possible.

Too Much Cardio In Your Workouts

Hitting the treadmill or that Stairmaster is a great way to burn calories, but burning too many may result in muscle loss in addition to the fat. Be sure to gauge your cardio in respect to your weight and muscle mass.

Not Eating Enough

I know, It sounds a bit like an oxymoron considering your fitness goals, but not consuming enough calories can limit your butt growth, or even shrink it. Here's the best explanation for it; weight loss is basically exerting more energy (calories) than you take in. If you live an active lifestyle and/or bust your tail in the gym than you'll need more calories to supplement some of those lost while working out. Keep in mind, the quality of food we consume determines our ultimate outcome.

No Protein Equals No Progression

In order to build muscle, we must consume protein. Our bodies use protein to build and repair muscle tissue. To optimally function, our body requires a modest amount of protein. For my fellow booty builders, it's good to consume .8 - 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight daily. For instance, if you weigh 135lbs, then you will need to consume between 108 - 135 grams of protein per day.

You're Toning, Not Building

To build a great butt, you will need to place more focus on building your gluteal muscles by working out with heavy enough weights. The process of building muscle consists of breaking down muscle tissue by challenging your muscles with heavy weights. This will result in your glute muscles having micro tears, which will repair and form stronger fibers.

Not Taking A Holistic Approach

As with everything in life, we tend to pay more attention to areas which are extremely low, or extremely high. This scaled model is similar to the reason why we only give Yelp reviews when we've received fantastic service, or when service couldn't have been worst. But that's typically only 10% of the time, leaving the 90% of the time we've received service not reviewed. Having tunnel vision to one specific area of your body will cause you to miss out on more important factors. For instance, you may think your butt is getting smaller, but in actuality, you haven't noticed that your thighs have gotten bigger; causing your booty to look smaller. Be sure to measure and keep track of your waist, hips, thighs, and bottom's progression.

Not Patient Enough

Not seeing results fast enough may cause a lack of motivation, resulting in you throwing in the towel. Be patient! I can't express this enough. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will your bum. Glute development goes through several phases before you're actually going to physically see results. Allow this process to be a marathon and not a sprint, and over time you will have a great ass.

Here Are Other Reasons That Keep Your Bum Smaller

Your genetics

Your genetic traits play a huge part in not only the build of your body but how your body reacts to muscle building. If you have a more athletic build, meaning, you can work out for two weeks and start to see new muscle, it will be easier for you to build your gluteal muscles. If you have always had a slim figure no matter what, it may be more difficult for you to gain enough weight to impact the muscles in your booty. Your Genetics will determine where fat and muscles naturally distribute throughout the body.

One Glute Bigger Than The Other

This issue is more common than you may think. The main culprit behind glute imbalance is human nature. As much as the right side of our body resembles the left, our bodies are asymmetrical. And as much as we work to have a symmetrical existence, it’s quite impossible. For instance, we tend to rely on one side more than the other. Think about writing, washing dishes, holding the baby. We’re trained from youth to rely on a dominant side, thus making it stronger and powerful than the inferior side.

Ineffective Exercises For A Smaller Butt

There are many different butt exercises that target different parts of the gluteus muscle. You may be exercising the same routine, which may only be targeting a specific part of your butt, rather than doing other workouts that focus on different parts of the booty. You may be so comfortable with your conditioning that you think you are doing it right. However, if you are not seeing any results, you may want to make sure you are exercising with perfect form, doing the proper amount of reps, and also eating the right foods. You might not be aware that some exercises are used to get your buttocks smaller. Yes, you read it right. There are some women out there who seek to lessen the size of their buttocks. So it’s essential that you know which exercise you are doing and what specific muscle(s) it builds.

Sitting Too Long

We tend to sit a lot more than we probably plan to. You may sit while your working, maybe you drive a lot, either way, sitting a lot won’t help your booty get bigger. Your sitting routines are also a factor in why your butt isn’t getting bigger and maybe staying the same. Considering the period of time you spend sitting, it can actually change and affect the shape of your buttocks. Your bodyweight prevents your glutes from developing and usually gets into a flattened appearance. If you start to feel your butt get numb while your sitting, then you’ve been sitting too long. It is best to activate your glutes to avoid getting or keeping a smaller butt. If you are not able to prevent yourself from sitting for too long, you can have the following exercises to help activate your glutes.

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Exercises For Butt (Glute) Activation


Hip Thrusts For Glutes – This is a straightforward exercise that you can do before and after your sitting routines. Sit on a chair with a strong and reliable backrest for comfort and put your heels at the surface. When you are in the right position, slowly bring your hips and glutes up to achieve a bridge posture, and squeeze your buttocks. Maintain the bridge position for a few moments and then slowly return your hips and glutes back down, and that is one repetition.


Mobile Back-bending – Begin with a stance where your knees are on the floor, and your feet are placed behind you with the heels raised to the ceiling. Reach backward and bend your back with your hands at the side of your feet, and squeeze your buttocks. Then start leaning back as far as you can.



Hip Flexor Stretch – You will need a yoga ball for this exercise. Lay on the ball and make sure you have strong balance and support from your limbs. Let your bodyweight slide into the rubber ball, attain a comfortable state until you feel the relaxation at your hip flexors.


These exercises are beneficial for women who sit regularly and want to work out their glutes for a better shape and sexier body.

Inactive lifestyle

It is recommended to have 30 minutes of exercise a day to lead a healthy lifestyle. This does not have to be a rigorous workout, it can be just as simple as taking a walk every day. However, if you do not perform a physical activity every day or every other day, you may be considered inactive. Your glutes are a muscle, and just like any muscle, if you do not train it, feed it, and give it special attention, it will not grow. To get yourself away from the trouble of an inactive lifestyle, try to get yourself engaged with frequent physical activities like jogging and walking in the morning, sports, or other aerobic exercises. Those are examples of very active and helpful activities that will not only activate your glutes but will also lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Dormant Butt Syndrome


When your glutes are not strong enough, dormant butt syndrome can possibly occur. When you have this condition, your gluteal muscles are not working as they are supposed to. Dormant butt syndrome is usually caused by improper sitting posture and sleeping practices. The way you lay down when you go to sleep can affect the function of your muscles, that includes the development of your glutes. Not having enough physical activity can also lead to the development of dormant butt syndrome. The negative effect of this condition is that you might find your buttocks depreciating and in worse cases, it can lead to several injuries in your knees and hamstrings.


You may be doing all you can to achieve a bigger butt and are not getting the results you want. Above, we have discussed a few reasons why your butt isn’t growing. It’s important to stay active, execute exercises correctly, and not sit for too long. Building and sculpting your body does take time; however, you can try these other solutions to see a difference sooner than later.

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