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One Glute Bigger Than The Other


The current social media trends have everyone at an edge. More and more celebrities end up exposing their gym gains, which set the standards for human society to achieve. These models spend heavily on the way they look primarily because it is their way to earn a living. But the current obsession over expanding your butt so it may protrude is getting out of hand.

A larger and more defined butt is said to be much more attractive to both men and women. It is also a sign of good health and exercise, but some are more naturally gifted. Nonetheless, google trends show that around 60% of all gym related searches consist of how to increase the size of the gluteal muscles. Now wanting to get a larger butt is all well and good but what do you do when you start to feel that your butt is uneven? Continue reading to find out what to do when one glute is bigger than the other.

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What are Gluteal Muscles?


Gluteal muscles are the muscles that are on your lower back. They make up the muscles that surround your butt and are mostly responsible for the way your butt would look. Larger gluteal muscles mean a larger butt, which is the current preference in society and the set standard by which someone’s butt is compared. The role of a butt is no longer to just be about giving you comfort while sitting but also about how attractive one looks.

Gluteal muscles are made up of three muscles. They are known as the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. These muscles help define the appearance of your hip. They also help show how prominent your nates look while you walk. A good looking butt looks great in jeans while the opposite is also true. You will see countless male and female models focusing heavily on how even their buttocks end up.

How do you build Gluteal Muscles?

There are several exercises available online that expand on how you can build your glutes to perfection. If you decide to give in to the society’s standards, you can ask your personal trainer at the gym or try out the following exercises that help build the glutes. They are the top 4 in the category and are widely preferred by famous celebrities as well as famous gym trainers.

The Kettlebell Swings:

This exercise is a personal favorite of many trainers around the world. It is most frequently used because of its excellent result that can be seen within a month. However, it does depend on how correctly you execute it and the number of sets you do.

How To Do Kettlebell Swings: Simply carry a kettlebell weight that you are comfortable with and begin spreading your legs apart. Majority of your weight should be placed on your heels alone. Hold the kettlebell with both your hands and simply plunge forward. Make sure you aren’t too below the mark but not too high either. Repeat the process 12 times and for 3 sets at the start before you increase the number of sets and of course, the weight.

Bodyweight Squats:


Squats are the most common and simplest of the exercises for your glutes. It not only helps to build the buttocks but also your thighs depending on the intensity with which you carry the exercise out.

The squats are a bit tricky to master in the start. You begin by aligning your feet with your hips and then gradually bending. Make sure your knees are behind your heels before you bend down. Do not bend too much as to touch the ground but simply go as much as you can before you end up picking yourself up. The entire exercise needs to be carried out slowly.

Side Planks:


The side planks can help maintain either side of the buttocks in shape. You need not worry about having an uneven butt when you regularly perform this exercise. It actually helps two areas which include your core and your glutes.

You start by lying down on your side on your elbow and one of your leg stacked upon the other. Raise the leg that is above and keep it there for as long as you can. If it helps, have a timer close by and measure how long you can stay in the plank before you give in.



There are several different types of lunges that you can do as all of them have their own specific parts of the glutes that are affected. However, the most commonly known lunges are the basic ones that impact all the gluteal muscles.

Simply place one of your feet on a higher platform and bend down. Spread your legs apart and make sure to bend as much as you can. Slowly stand up and move the opposite step forward before you do the same thing all over again. The amount of times you repeat this determines how well your gluteal muscles will shape in the end. 

How to Correct an Uneven Butt?

All of the exercises mentioned above can help you even out the imbalance in your gluteal muscles. Imbalances can be caused due to several reasons where one side of the buttocks is used more frequently than the other. Even while you are exercising, make sure to give equal attention to either side so that such a problem does not persist.

We all have our dominant side. Some people are more focused on building their right-hand side because they feel it is much easier to do so than the left. This side is known as our dominant side, and we unknowingly end up focusing more on it.

To make sure that does not happen, be very active and notice how well you carry out your exercise for both sides. If one side is weaker, focus more on that end so that you end up balancing things out by the end.

Other than that, make sure to do your daily stretching. Sometimes, all the glutes need is a good stretch before they end up taking the right shape. You can activate your glutes using a stretch called proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) stretch, which is a type of flexibility stretch that loosens up the front of your thighs. Focusing this exercise on the side that does not receive much attention will greatly enhance the possibility of you evening out your buttocks.

Tightness in the front of your thighs can prevent your thighs from making backward movements, which work your glutes. Once the stretching bit is over, you can carry on with the other daily exercises that help build the foundation for your muscles. Hip extension is another valuable exercise that you can add to your arsenal if you are looking to increase your glute muscles and properly define them.



Anyone would get worried if they realized that their body seemed uneven and out of proportion. Finding the right balance in your body comes with carefully executing exercises and significantly focusing on your need. Making sure you do not focus too much on one side and being more aware while you exercise is going to turn out with excellent results. Even if it means, taking the headphones off for a while, go for it. A balanced body is worth far more than a few minutes of hearing your playlist if it proves to be a distraction.

All in all, it is nothing significant to worry about. With a little hard work and giving enough time to it, you will end up having the best butt out there. Even if it is conforming to society’s standards, it makes you look and feel good, so be it.

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