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How To Make Your Butt Look Bigger

What if I told you that you can get an Instagram model booty by the time you’ve finished reading this article. Yes! There are things you can do to make your butt look bigger instantly! Now, I’m not saying you’re going to have a Beyonce Coachella performance booty by doing these steps,  but you can certainly make drastic improvements with amazing looking results. There’s nothing wrong with faking it until you make it. Just think about the boost you’re going to give to your confidence, self-esteem, pride, and not to mention the ton of compliments you’re going to receive by making these quick modifications to your booty.

Quick Tips: How To Make Your Butt Look Bigger Instantly

Who said looking good takes time! Here’s some tips in which you can incorporate into your life immediately for a fantastic coke bottle figure.


1) Small Waist Big Booty

Accentuate your curves and reduce your waist size with a waist trainer. Thanks to the Kardashians, these Victorian waist trimmers are now more popular than ever, and has been overly marketed all over net; primarily Instagram. Women all over the globe are crazing over these “instant waist reducers” as they provide you with an immediate hourglass look, while working to naturally get you there. You can choose between a velcro modeled belt, or the traditional corset.

2) Butt Enhancing Pads

Get a Nicki Minaj butt in a matter of few minutes with butt pads. These booty enhancing undergarments instantly provides more fullness and shape to your backside. They're specifically designed to enhance the appearance of your butt in pants of jeans. Choose between the “out the box” butt pads, or underwear with changeable padded inserts. Now, you’re not going to naturally benefit from butt pads, but these will give you that “Bootiful” look.

3) Butt Lifting Jeans

Getting a peach shaped bum is now easier than ever with butt lifting jeans. Also called “Colombian Jeans” or “Brazilian Pants,” but lifting jeans are great for the woman that's looking to enhance their curves without sacrificing their style. Variety is an understatement as these jeans come in a plethora of styles and washes This a great option if you’re wearing a crop top and may be afraid your butt enhancing pads will show.

4) Spanx

Sometimes a full body shaper is needed to reach your desired goals. No worries, Spanx got you covered. This patent slimming undergarment not only hides excess weight, but also accentuate your curves, giving you a fantastic look from head to toe. Spanx comes in a variety of selections and sizes. In your most frantic times, you may want to slap on the pair of Spanx and call it a day.

5) Pocket Size Matters.

The size and the placement of the pockets of your pants have a great impact on the shape and size of your bum. If you wish to draw attention away from the body, avoid selecting pockets which are overstated or shaped oddly. Pants pockets that are placed far from the outside of each cheek may broaden you, and add bulk to your appearance. The goal is to attract a linebacker, not look like one ladies! Make sure to select pants with pockets that provides a lifted appearance to your booty when worn.

6) Walk The Walk

Maintain a correct posture when walking by pulling your shoulder blades back, and your spine straight. Walking in this nature will positively influence your body’s appearance. This will surely make your butt firmer, bigger, and more projecting. Let the world be your fashion show and the gravel is your catwalk.

7) Wear High Heels

There isn’t a better way to accentuate all the right curves than by throwing on a pair of heels. High Heels provides a lengthened look to your legs, which in turn, raises your bum; making it look curvier and perky. If 6 inch stilettos aren’t your thing, then grab a pair of low heels. Any raised heel will do your butt some justice.

8) Yoga Pants, Yasss!

You don't have to be in a “downward facing dog” position to take advantage of the miracles these comfortable pants provides. Yoga pants provides the same level of comfort as your birthday suit, while giving you a sexy, athletic look. Above all, your booty will look firm and round while wearing these wonder pants. And did I forget to mention, cellulite is practically non-existent while in a pair. Go grab a pair and thank me later!

9) Stretch Fabrics Does Wonders!

Kim Kardashian has laid the blueprint, all we need to do is follow the plan and enjoy the perks. Stretchy fabric clothing is not only comfortable, but also perfectly forms your butt by hugging and lifting it with love. Just be sure to avoid material which will pancake your buttocks instead of lifting it.

10) Trumpet Skirts will “Make Butts Great Again!”

If you need a skirt that will draw attention to your bum, creating an hourglass shape with smooth curves then the Trumpet Skirt is for you. This skirt flows nice and tight over your buttocks, while flaring out at the knees. Trumpet skirts are masterfully designed to draw your eyes to the butt, and away from other areas.

Fashion No..No's! Avoid At All Cost!

1) Granny Panties Attracts Moths, Not Men!

Ladies, sexy starts with the first layer of clothing; which are your undergarments. Do you think your favorite instagram glamour model is rocking a pair of “Granny’s Secret” under their form fitting bodysuit? I’ll answer this one for you, No! I understand if it’s that time of month and you don’t want to ruin your Vicky’s; but remember granny panties will make your butt look wide and saggy. And let’s not talk about that hideous wide panty line it’ll create. It’s time to overhaul your underwear drawer. Throw out those granny panties and supplement them for thongs, boyshorts, and cheeky panties.


2) Shiny Fabrics aka Imperfection Spotlight Clothing.

The goal is to get your booty to visually look appealing by wearing clothing which will lift, hug, and protrude those cheeks; not do the opposite. Shiny fabrics such as satins and silks are horrible for what we’re looking to accomplish. They softly lay on your body, forming into every crease and crevice, even those you didn’t even know you had.

3) Loose Jeans - The 90s are out!

First, loose fitting jeans contradicts everything I said about pocket selection and legs (reference above). Most loose jeans have pockets which are spreaded out, giving a bulking (not booming) look to your backside. Also baggy jeans makes you look shorter and square… Avoid moving to Bikini Bottom at all cost by bypassing loosely fitted jeans.

These quick appearance enhancements shouldn’t supplement sweat equity in the gym and a good, healthy diet. Use this reference guide as a temporary solution to flawlessly slay the town. Check out the following articles to naturally achieve your booty goals:

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