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How To Make Your Butt Bigger Without Exercise


You want to know how to make your butt bigger without exercise, but don’t necessarily have the time to incorporate a workout into your everyday regimen, I will give you three things you can do to still achieve your goal. Let’s be honest; we’re all our own biggest critics. We look in the mirror and see what we are, but envision who we want to be. Whether you want to go through the hardest route to get results, or you want to see a change instantly, just start now! Work smarter, not harder. You can achieve an enhancement in your buttocks without any exercise. I’m sure it’s a relief for you to hear that you can get a bigger bottom while bypassing the gym. Check out these awesome ways that can help you improve your buttocks without exercise.

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How To Make Your Butt Bigger Without Exercise: Full Breakdown


1. Choose specialized undergarments

Let's start this journey on how to make your buttocks look bigger and better by choosing the right form-fitting underwear. The "right" underwear will depend on what exactly you're wearing over it. If your booty is saggy, or loose, you can wear Spanx to hold it all together. If you're looking for an extra lift, you can invest in some butt pads. If you are wearing a tight dress or skirt, you may want to wear a thong so that you won't have a visible panty line, and so the dress or skirt can hug your booty. It really depends on what you're going to wear on top, what you should wear underneath. This is the first step in getting the shape you want.


2. Wear High Heels

Ladies, maybe you knew about this, perhaps not, but your booty looks bigger when you wear high heels! When your heel is elevated, it raises your whole back side. This makes your butt look lifted, and fit. Practice walking in heels, or wear them everywhere you go to get the lifted booty look.


3. Change your way of walking

Changing the way you walk can affect your figure. Sometimes the way you walk will even emphasize some parts of our body including your bum and chests. Walking with a sexy posture, pushing your shoulders back, while adding an arch in your back will basically push your butt outward. The benefit of doing this will not end in emphasizing your butt, it will also make you look slimmer, and your chest bigger. Which means you will look and feel sexier! Just remember to shoot me a shout out when you make the cut for America's Next Top Model.


4. Jean selection is key

You read it right! It might sound a bit unusual, but it is actually very beneficial. I know you're excited to know that you can make a change just by simply choosing the right jeans suitable for you. Here are the things you need to remember when you are going to shop for the perfect pair of jeans.

Wear a lighter color of jeans instead of dark colors - Always try to wear jeans or pants with a lighter shade of color rather than pants that are black or dark blue. The lower portion of your body will look smaller when you are wearing dark colored jeans, but the booty will pop with a lighter shade.

Low waist jeans - Low waist jeans or jeans that sit on the widest part of your hips can make your bum look bigger.

High waist jeans - These type of jeans will make your butt appear bigger by making your waist appear smaller. When your waist is cinched in, your booty will poke out. This is definitely a modern fashion trend among celebrities and millennials.

Jeans that can sit tight - Choose jeans that are stretchy skinny jeans. This will help your buttocks look bigger because it is a tighter, firmer fit.

Pocket location and size - For you to emphasize your buttocks, it is essential to wear jeans that have a smaller pocket in the bum area. A bigger pocket can take away the emphasis on your bum.


5. Try to tighten your waist

Our butt will look proportional when we focus on cinching the waist. Try to use a belt, or a waist trainer, to make your waist look slimmer.

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6. Surgery for buttocks enhancement

Many people who have the resources and like to make their buttocks bigger consider undergoing a surgical procedure for enhancement. Injectables and implants are the most common choice for someone who wants to enhance their butt immediately without any effort. The popularity of this method can lead you to the misconception that it is totally safe and harmless. If you have any thoughts about getting surgery to get your butt bigger, you should do extensive research on the pro's and con's that come with it.

What should you eat to enhance your buttocks without exercise?

Here’s a list of foods that can give you the right nutrition you needed to make your butt bigger.



foods that can provide you with protein will help build muscle, especially in the butt area. The protein contains amino acids which are needed by your muscles for their growth. Boiled eggs • Red meat such as beef • Unskinned chicken filler • Dairy products like cow's milk • Beans • fish



foods that can provide carbohydrates will give you enough energy for an extended period because this nutrient can only be absorbed by our body in a slow manner. • Rice • Cereals • Bread



foods that can give you unsaturated fats will help your metabolism to regulate better and is a requirement to optimize cell renewal throughout the body. • Almonds • Cashews • Fish oil encapsulations • Vegetable oil

Butt Enhancement Cream


Another alternative to getting a bigger butt without exercise is butt enhancement cream. The best way to make sure that you will buy the best product is to choose naturally made ointments. This will ensure less risk of adverse side effects. Butt enhancement creams are applied onto the skin area of your butt, and the cream will mainly function to let you see more fats in the applied area.

The ingredients that are commonly present in a butt enhancement cream are those that can be absorbed in your blood vessels and muscles in the butt area. Here are some good example of butt enhancement creams.
• IsoSensuals CURVE
• Honeydew Natural Butt Enhancement Cream
• Booty Magic
• Apex Booty

Supplement and vitamins that can help butt enhancement


Another good way to make your butt look bigger will be through supplements and vitamins. There are specialized supplements that will gradually target your buttocks by providing a proportional amount of nutrients to your butt. Your butt can become curvy and round once the nutrient needed is given by the supplement. It is better to choose supplements that are considered estrogen rich. It will boost the ability of your body to produce estrogen, a growth hormone that affects the growth of your bum and chests. Here are good supplements that you use.

Pueraria Mirifica


It is a medicinal plant that originated in Asia that is used to treat different medical conditions. Phytoestrogen can be found in the roots of this medicinal plant that is also similar to estrogen in behavioral comparisons. It can be used to develop and make the breasts and butt bigger.

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Bovine Ovary​


It is a supplement that helps our body to heighten the level of estrogen. It is a glandular supplement that came from a cow’s ovary. The bovine ovary has an excellent medical track record; it was not able to produce any harmful effects against humans.

This supplement will stimulate your pituitary glands; this can help to increase the production of estrogen. It was properly tested by the FDA before announced to the public.

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Good posture can help you enhance the size of your butt


This can be considered as one of the easiest and most straightforward ways to increase the size of your butt. Practicing good posture can help you with your desired enhancement. Good posture can give a lift to your butt. This is genuinely easy because you can practice good posture by sitting and standing.

Remember that a slouched, or weak posture will not let your assets bring forth their potentials. It will even make you look awkward and slumped. Here are some of the benefits that you can get as a reward when you work to have a good posture.

1. It will decrease the possibility of acquiring back problems.

2. It will make you more relaxed.

3. It will significantly improve the capacity of your two lungs.

4. It will enhance spinal health and core stability.

5. It will help you to have correct postural movements.
The bottom line in having a good posture is that you will look and feel better and healthier.


Looking for other ways to make your butt bigger without exercise is possible. Although it will require you to make some subtle changes, in the end, it will all be worth it. You can achieve a bigger butt just by wearing the right clothing, eating the right food and consuming the necessary vitamins or supplements we’ve discussed. These are all ways that can quickly change the appearance of your buttocks without months and months of dedicating your time to a new workout regimen. It’s essential to look and feel confident and sexy ladies! I hope you enjoyed the tips that were provided for enhancing your butt.


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